Quadraro: a tour on street art

Quadraro: a tour on street art
Quadraro: a tour on street art
A path organized by the Museum of Urban Art in Rome
Quadraro: a tour on street art
Quadraro: a tour on street art
Wouldn’t it be good if we could turn the roads and streets we cross everyday into and open art museum? A chance to get in touch with art , urban art, every single moment of the day; but ‘woulds ‘ and’ coulds’ can be forgotten because since 2010 the Community and site Project called MURO (Museo of Urban Art, Roma) is trying to conquer a part of the city of Rome and turn it into and open street art route.

How to transform a urban route
The idea was born from the artist David Diavu’ Vecchiato, and brought in the latest six years a new concept of creative experience in some of the most crowded street of the city, transforming everyday’s routine and getting in touch with urban art with no entrance fees and no opening times. You can either walk or ride your bike n a 2 km route and discover the art in the most creative walls of Quadraro and surroundings, in the suburbs of Ville Alessandrine and Torpignattara: a guided tour by the Mu Ro itself.
Mu.Ro tour’s stages
Due to many urban redevelopment works done in this area , the 2 km route offers several hints of street art: 21 works of art created by quite known artists of Contemporary Art from all over the world; the journey begins from Lentuli street, easy to get from the metro A stop’ Porta Furba’, where you will meet the first work by Diavu’ called Quadraro People; A true explosion of vivid colors, where the orange melts with all the shades of reds , purples, green and blue, telling the stories of the dwellers of this outskirt. In the same place ,you will also find the colorful murals by Omino 71, or the painting made in collaboration with Dilkabear and Paolo Petrangeli: on a with wall, a young girl painted black and white contrasts the weird grey animals floating in a sea of colors.

Walking along Quadraro streets of Art
Moving towards Largo dei Quintili, we come across Gary Baseman’s work ‘ The Buckngham Warror’ a painting dedicated to Q44 when Nazis deported 900 people of the Quadraro, back in April 44. Here we also find a work by Veks Van Hilik, made by big red and blue frogs. In dei Pisoni street, the skillful hand of Ron English created in 2011 a wall painted recalling one his common themes: the American pop culture and the clash of powers are here represented by Mickey Mous wearing a Gas Mask and also a baby-Hulk painted in 3d. Bean Stanton also painted a building in Pisoni street, with a big skeleton recalling ethnic and tribal culture, with any morbid implication. Last but not in this street, a big naked woman by Jim Avignon, calls to our minds works halfway between Modigliani and Tamara de Lempicka; a totally different style but one of the milestones of Muro.

The Urban Art Tunnel
We cannot forget to mention, among all the works, Mr. Thomas ‘ ‘Risucchiattore’ painted on the entrance of a Tunnel at Quadraro, Decio Mure street; a gigantic modern man surrounded by everyday’s images, whose big mouth seems to suck us in. Gio Pistone ‘s colorful features adorn the outer side of the tunnel. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up or Ride your bike and came and discover the open air Mu Ro.