Points of view

Points of view
Points of view
from the real to the realm
Points of view
Points of view | from the real to the realm

On May 19, 2018 at 11:30 am at the Sala Pyrgi of the Castle of Santa Severa, there will be the inauguration of the exhibition "Points of view" by the artist Andrea Pecchia, which will be open until June 3, 2018. Participation in the vernissage is with admission free and the event is organized in collaboration with Regione Lazio, LAZIOcrea, MIBACT, Santa Marinella Municipality and Coopculture.

Andrea Pecchia is an artist who in his works expresses points of view: that of the course of history, the one in the grip of changes, religion, eras, society and customs that characterize it. In short, the subjective point of view of the artist coincides with an astonishing alchemy with the various sighting points of the Castle of Santa Severa.

The Castle was and remains a world from which Andrea Pecchia, with his unique, original and mutlidimensional look, points the oceans of meaning that he meets and presents them again in constant transformation.

A protected, mastodontic, monumental fortress with a strong cultural impact, from which it is possible to control the sea, welcome travelers and repel the marauders.

A castle in which art does not stop, but protects itself and then shares itself in the sacred breath of beauty. A starting and landing point for a journey between dream and fluidity. Between myth, fable and contemporary student spirit.

The various works of Andrea Pecchia are like ballads designed by a minstrel of the pencil, as a continuous push outside the box able to make us travel from one hemisphere to another, as pure art travels, art that makes us live and draw , a stretch of life that is imprinted in dreamlike and real spaces, able to stay afloat at the expense of waves, currents and storms.

It often touches on the theme of the shipwreck, but at the same time one takes refuge and escapes it always through beauty. That of the castle and the works it contains. A climb of the senses, musical scales, objects of attraction, synaesthesies and values ​​of the sense of travel.

A route that ranges in the unknown and in the transversal crossing the sense of discovery. What from the tower of the castle reminds us of tradition and unexplored borders beyond the horizon.