Progetto Il MURo- Street art al Quadraro

Progetto Il MURo- Street art al Quadraro
Progetto Il MURo- Street art al Quadraro
A new journey to the quadrario to know the many works of international artists
Progetto Il MURo- Street art al Quadraro
Progetto Il MURo- Street art al Quadraro

Let's go back to Quadraro to resume one of the already well-traced paths, discovering the immense work and the many works realized thanks to the project Il MURo, the 'Museum diffuso' of Urban Art in the city of Rome. Founded in 2010 by artist David Diavù Vecchiato, MURo is an open, public and free open-air museum project, which is born "from below" with the collaboration and active participation of the neighborhood's citizens. Let's go back through these streets to get to know the many other works of famous artists who have returned to the neighborhood an inexhaustible source of art and beauty. The first course dedicated to Quadraro is available here.

This time we start from Via dei Quintili, more precisely in Via Anton Ludovico Antonori, with the astonishing work of Alice Pasquini, also known as Alicè who has finished, with its unmistakable style an entire wall, returning the story of a story made of dreams and hopes.VIA TUSCOLANA AND VIA DEI LENTULI 
Continuing for Quintiles, at number 270, we find the work of the New York Buff Monche which gave the neighborhood a colorful mural. A little further there is the work of (Daniele Tozzi), art Pepsy titled The Code, depicting a spray bottle and a cascade of typographical elements and words that synthesize the language of urban art. From the Quintile Street, we go for a moment to Ortenzi to admire the work done by Fin DAC inspired by Japan.
Along the Quintili Street (at 146) we find the work of Mauro Pallotta, in Maupal art, titled The Exodus with the image of the Lupa of Rome, who, biting his tail, laughed no more Romulus and Remo. Last work on this street, at number 11, is "Totòbolik" of Diavù dedicated to Totò that in this neighborhood was usually come from the uo barber of trust.

From via dei Quintili we go through Pistoni to admire Ron English murals, with fluorescent tones, featuring superheroes, toys and fantastic animals. Below we find Beau Stanton's work, "a wonderful tree that springs from a skull, imposing on death the law of life."

We finish our journey between Via Tuscolana and via dei Lentuli. Here we find the work of Omino71 "Many so much love friends", that of Malo Farfan and a little further on, on Monte del Grano the murals of Lucamaleonte "Nido di Vespe", a definition by which, in a disproportionate manner, Kappler defined the Quadraro during the "Whale" Operation of April 17, 1944.

Artwork by Alicè
Artwork by Buff Monster
Artwork by Pepsy
Artwork by Fin DAC
Artwork by Maupal
Opera di Diavù
Artwork by Ron English
Artwork by Beau Stanton
Artwork by Omino71
Artwork by Lucamaleonte