A notice to award contemporary dance project
"TWAIN DIREZIONI ALTRE" 2017 AWARD | A notice to award contemporary dance project

The TWAIN Association launches the first edition of "Twain, direzioniAltre", a production award dedicated to contemporary dance companies.  Dance professionals contemporary authors are invited to attend the call(excluding amateur groups and dance schools), both Italian and Europeans, who are under 36 years by 31 December 2017.
The call is looking for a contemporary dance project which never debuted in complete form and including a cast of no more than 3 performers on stage. The finalists, presented in their scenic form, will have a playing time not less than 5 minutes and not more than 15 minutes.
The winning project will receive a production support for the year 2017 by TWAIN, defined as follows:

  • free use of the residence spaces for a total of 20 days (Artistic Residence);
  • accommodation for a maximum of 3 people for 20 days;
  • alongside a "Tutor" (playwrite, choreographer, theatrical operator etc.) during the phases of the residence;
  • contribution of € 1,000 for each artist involved (up to a maximum of 3), it requires certificate of viability for 20 days of residence;
  • placing a replica in cachet (up to a maximum of € 700.00 + VAT) in the planning of Twain Dance Season 2017.

All proposals must be sent by e-mail at, no later than 28 February 2017. By April 3, 2017 will be notified to the companies selected for the final.
The Association TWAIN, which operates at the Theatre Claudio Tolfa (RM) and Bausch at the Hall of the Art and Culture Center of Ladispoli (RM), was supported by the Lazio Region as a first cultural workshop and from 2015 as the holder of artistic residence, under the Application program 2015-2017 with MiBACT.

It is also a dance production center supported in 2016 under the new Regulation for Live Entertainment in the Lazio Region.