Apollo Dionisiaco 2018 Prize

Apollo Dionisiaco 2018 Prize
Apollo Dionisiaco 2018 Prize
prize for poetic works and visual art
Apollo Dionisiaco 2018 Prize
Apollo Dionisiaco 2018 Prize | prize for poetic works and visual art

The International Academic Prize of Poetry and Contemporary Art "Apollo Dionisiaco" comes to its V edition for works in poetry and visual works of art, in painting, sculpture, graphics and photography, published or unpublished, by authors and artists of all ages , training and nationality.

The Prize, organized by the International Academy of Significance Poetry and Contemporary Art in Rome, is divided into two categories: Poems: for two poems of their own creation, with free themes, published or unpublished, each not exceeding thirty-six verses. Poems in foreign languages ​​must include an Italian translation in front; space Visual Works of Art: for two works of painting, or sculpture, or graphics, or photography, of own creation, with a free theme, of dimensions not exceeding 100x140cm. In case of qualification the artist is called to present the original at the award ceremony. You can also participate in both the category spaces, in poetry and in art, and / or with several pairs of works, adding the amount to be paid.

The awards ceremony will be held on November 3, 2018, at the Salone del Dante Castello della Castelluccia, Loc. La Castelluccia, Via Carlo Cavina, 40 in Rome.

The jury will award a First Prize, a Second Prize, a Third Prize: Golden Trophy, Argenteo Trophy and Argenteo Silver Trophy Dionysian Apollo, original work by Marco Rocchi. They will also be awarded: Academy Diploma; Critique of the work; free reading of the author for poetry or exhibition for the visual artwork in the ceremony and publication of the winning work with Critica on the sites of the Academy in the rankings and in the Anthology of Contemporary Poetry online or in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art online, for all the category spaces. Further Merit Awards expected.

Copies or images of the works and the documentation required in the Announcement must be sent no later than June 8, 2018, to the email address The participation fee for each section is 15 euros (as an expense contribution). You can also participate with several pairs of works and / or both category spaces.
The proceeds of the registration fee will contribute to the exhibition Integr'Azione of disabled children of the Don Orione Center, Don Calabria, Don Guanella, Sant'Egidio and the Robert Cook exhibition of primary school children.