Pomezia Light Festival

Pomezia Light Festival
Pomezia Light Festival
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Pomezia Light Festival
Pomezia Light Festival | smart city

The Pomezia Light Festival returns to the city after the great success of the first edition; more than 20 thousand appearances in three days, 14 works and 30 artists involved, 4 master classes with experts who have met with great success. Opificio and the Municipality of Pomezia propose the organization of the second edition of the Pomezia Light Festival, which will see the exhibition of multimedia, digital and luminous artworks, selected among a group of artists (Italians and others) who answered the Call for Artist announced last November.

The more than positive result of the first edition recorded more than 20 thousand visitors; 4 daytime masterclasses with the highest experts in the multimedia and luminous performing arts sector; over a million views of digital content; an event that overall illuminated the city with 1400 m2 of light in a 1.5 km route hosting 30 artists with 14 artistic operations spread throughout the territory. With these premises we present the second edition of the Festival and with the aim of raising the shot.

There is much debate and debate on the concept of smart city, the concept of intelligent city is approaching, in the sense, in the ways, in the purposes, to the ideal city that Renaissance intellectuals and architects thought and sometimes realized. What's the point of talking about smart cities today? Re-start the cities? Modify them? It is clear that everything refers to a project brought with Renaissance echoes.

With the second edition of the Festival we explore the theme of the Smart City in terms of art and culture, an area not yet explored. Videoprojections, interactive installations, plays of light, will be the works that redesign the streets of Pomezia, neutralizing every distance between artist and user, both actors on the common ground of urban space.

We propose this: production of art on the territory, for the territory, with citizenship. The ephemeral that becomes permanent. The element of urban regeneration is one of the benefits we want to derive from the relationship between art, territory, artists and citizens.