and the school of New York
Pollock | and the school of New York

From October 10th, the Brasini Ala del Vittoriano welcomes one of the most precious collection of the Whitney Museum in New York: Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and many other representatives of the New York School break into Rome with all the energy and that breaking character that made "The Irascible" eternal and unforgettable. 

Anti-conformism, psychological introspection and experimentation are the three guidelines that accompany the spectator of the POLLOCK exhibition and the New York School.

Through about 50 masterpieces - including the famous Number 27, Pollock's large canvas, over 3 meters long, made iconic by the masterly balance between the brush strokes of black and the fusion of the clearest colors - vivid colors, harmony of shapes, subjects and abstract representations immerse observers in a magnificent artistic context: abstract expressionism.

Under the auspices of the Institute for the history of the Italian Risorgimento, under the patronage of the Lazio Region and Roma Capitale - Department of Cultural Growth, the exhibition is produced and organized by the Arthemisia Group in collaboration with The Whitney Museum of America Art, New York is curated by David Breslin, Carrie Springer with Luca Beatrice.

The audioguides are included in all types of admission tickets for individual visitors and are collected at the ticket office at the desk dedicated at the time of the visit.