2020 announcement

2020 announcement
2020 announcement
2020 announcement

Creativity 2020 is the new announcement of the Lazio Region, which is committed to funding innovative projects for small and medium-sized businesses. The initiative is part of the POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 program and will provide individual SMEs or aggregate funded loans to SMEs. The sums made available are intended for "Creative Digital Industries".

Projects to be funded by the call will have to be covered in these areas: cross-media development, production and distribution, digital and live entertainment, digital post-production, development and use of digital technologies for restoration and protection of audiovisual cultural heritage and applications in digital services for medicine, personal wellbeing and health. The new call, aimed at fostering the development of SMEs with an operational headquarters in the local area, encloses projects in two different categories: Simple Projects and Integrated Projects.

The first must be completed within not more than 12 months from the time the funding was received. Costs for small and medium-sized businesses, which will feature a Simple Project, will not exceed 500,000 euros and be below 50,000 euros.

The second category includes projects that include different investment plans and can be submitted by individual companies or temporary aggregates, where SMEs must be at least two and not exceed six. Businesses, who will submit Integrated Projects, will have 18 months from the date the funding was granted. The minimum eligible cost is 500,000 euros and will fall to 200,000 if the project is made up of research and development activities only. The grant for each project can not exceed 3 million euros.

Applications for participation will be evaluated by the doorstep procedure, or according to the chronological order of the presentation of the project and until the funds are exhausted. Interested parties must access the GeCoWeb portal, fill in the form and submit the application, which must be signed by digital signature, via PEC.

For Simple Projects, participants will be able to submit questions from October 10, and will have until December 12, 2017. For those who choose to apply for the Grant for Integrated Projects, requests may be submitted from 24 October 2017 and will have to arrive by 9 January 2018.