Pinacci Nostri!

Pinacci Nostri!
Pinacci Nostri!
Respect for nature and the neighborhood
Artwork by Roberta Gentili
Pinacci Nostri!
Pinacci Nostri!

If Primavalle has Muracci Nostri, Pineta Sacchetti has Pinacci Nostri: a project that, starting from the example of Primavalle, has managed over time to collect many street art works signed by the most famous street artists. Pinacci Nostri was born, initially, as a single event of the "Pineto Network", a group of volunteers and associations who have been fighting for years to defend the Park of the Pineto from the rampage and degradation, and only subsequently extended thanks to the involvement Artists, poets, writers, dancers, musicians, young people and ordinary citizens.

Although inheriting in part the name, Pinacci Nostri uses, compared to Muracci, a different language, underlining the value of defending the environment and the intrinsic multiculturality of the neighborhood. There are so many works that are part of this movement; Works telling the stories, the anecdotes of these streets; Many references to cinema, especially "Roman" with tributes to Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti and Aldo Fabrizi. Here we will look at the works inside Pineto Park, Via Calisto II, Via di Pineta Sacchetti and Via Giulio III. Many other works are available in the neighboring streets.

Pineto Park
We are inside the Pineto Park. Here we find the first of the murals realized under the Pinacci Nostri project. Mauro Sgarbi's "Contact" Murals is dedicated to the relationship between man and nature, while Chew-Z's "Easter Island's Moai" symbolizes the mighty guardians of this park, those who are working to protect In fact, our "pinaca". Always in the Park, Carlo Gori dedicated his "El Sapo" murals to Vania Mancini, cultural worker of the neighborhood, nicknamed La Rana (El Sapo, Mexican) by a child known on one of his trips to Mexico.

Via Pineta Sacchetti 
The murals of Cristiano Quagliozzi tells the story of Villa Sacchetti surrounded by so many characters who inhabited it and was destroyed by an aquifers. "The old and the writer" is instead the work of Beetroot who wanted to homage the neighborhood's elders representing the face of Guercino.

Via Calisto II
The first murals that open the "Wall of Stories" in Calisto II is Carlos Atoche's "Mnemosine". Mnemosine is a goddess of memory and mother of the Muse and the artist has donated it to the neighborhood because no one ever forgets their past. Always dedicated to the past and its roots is the murals of Marialuna Storti where a tree, its roots and impressed hands of the children of the neighborhood are represented.
"I'm going to Rome" is the murals that Hos realized Pinacci Nostri, reproducing his work already made at Pigneto, with the image of a wasp with two young people aboard and a glimpse of Rome.
Always on the way, we find another work by Carlo Gori, this time entitled "Borghetto Braschi". This place once stood in the square right in front of the Fort and was a place of sharing for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. "Green bicycle" is the work of Tina Loiodice, dedicated to migrants and children dying in the sea, who is denied the carefree nature of their early age and the joy of playing with a bicycle.
Important work for the neighborhood is the mural "Bob Marley" because it was the first to appear in Pineta Sacchetti. Made in 2012 by unknown artists, it was restored thanks to the intervention of: Benjamin Leone, who realized the woman with the skull whose body represents the neighborhood; Pino Volpino, who has made the lion, the lioness and the leonard, representing the strong families that will protect him; Hos and MicParker, who made Bob Marley more realistic by defining his hair growth. "The Parrot" is instead the famous murals of BOL (Pietro Maiozzi), which, for the occasion, welcomes Pinacci Nostri.

Via Giulio III
We conclude our path in Via Giulio III. Here we find "A journey called love" by Giovanna Garofalo, dedicated to Sibilla Aleramo, nicknamed Marta Felicina Faccio, known as "Rina", an Italian writer and poet, who moved from Alexandria to Pineta Sacchetti.

Artwork by Mauro Sgarbi
Artwork by Chew- Z
Artwork by Carlo Gori
Opera di Cristiano Quagliozzi
Opera di di Carlos Atoche
Artwork by Marialuna Storti
Artwork by Hos
Artwork by Carlo Gori
Artwork by Tina Loiodice
Artwork by various artists
Artwork by BOL
Artwork by Giovanna Garofalo