Photo by Antonio Barrella

Badlands are long, narrow, deep grooves caused by rain and surface water erosion which is typical of clay terrain. These two, who are «designers and not fashion stylists», began by studying and verifying the modulations of these natural wonders and portrayed them on a coat, following the veins that were accentuated by the human body.

This is why PINA is not a project linked to the fashion business, but to industrial design, that is why their garment architecture cares about harmony and not about trend analysis.

For Marta and Francesco, this is modular design on the human body.

What they do is garment architecture, influenced by the design of Nanni Strada, the Modulor by Le Corbusier and Bruno Munari’s "things come from things”.

Both architects, Francesco is from Matera, Marta is Roman, but with origins in Lucania.

She studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti and graduated in Fashion Culture and Techniques, he worked in production design.

Their companies won the Lazio Regional call: “Support and development for companies in the cultural and creative activities sector”.

PINA is a company that makes female clothing, using only Italian manpower and basing itself on the principles of the “Life Cycle Design”. Ethical and sustainable fashion.

The waste of resources is minimized, optimising product life.

How so? By extending material life. Intuition and strictness. Thanks to a digital prototyping laboratory, with what is now called industry 4.0, fabrics in natural fibres are assembled in an eco-compatible manner.
PINA creates the architecture of a reproducible, modular, industrially and productively sustainable dress thanks to a productive chain that can streamline and lighten the phases.

All this, in accordance with a design that changes on the human body, that is not forced into special sizes and is not subject to seasonal fashions.

The story has been written by Gabriele Di Fronzo, writer.