The redevelopment painted on the façade

The redevelopment painted on the façade
The redevelopment painted on the façade
Italian and international street artist are the protagonists of the revival of a new art district in Rome
The redevelopment painted on the façade
The redevelopment painted on the façade

Pigneto is a district of Rome between Via Prenestina, Casilina and Acqua Bullicante. Thanks to urban regeneration interventions involving the most famous names of street art, Pigneto is today one of the landmarks of the cultural movement of the capital and the cradle of the new creative languages.

Colorful street stories
From via Filippo De Magistris, 15, the abstract allure is reached through the large mural signed by 2501, Jacopo Ceccarelli: white, black and a touch of yellow for Axonometry the Circle. In via Marcello Oddi, 6, instead, Clear sky on the pink house by Augustino Iacurci depicts half faces, creating a continuous dialogue between the intimate domestic space, and the external public space. On the other side of the street the work of French artist Jef Aérosol, pioneer of street art, stand on the walls with his black and white portrait of a boy: in the work he creeps red arrow, unmistakable signature of the artist. Then let's cross the the right ear of Escif, developed for the "Suspension of Disbelief" project, and let's end our walk with the kitten made from C215, another French writer famous for his rainbows. In via del Pigneto there are two murals of Aloha Oe, an artist who explores sexual identity-related issues, while in via Prenestina there is the great work of Carlos Atocha, which depicts horse heads staring at passersby, as if they were facing their stable.

In the name of Pasolini
In this neighborhood we could not miss the tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini: here the great poet, intellectual and director made his debut film, "Accattone" (Tramp) dated 1961. In Via Fanfulla da Lodi, set of many movies, artists Maupal and Mr.Klevra have created multiple forms of Pasolini. On the plaster of the buildings now there are his eyes, now young Madonna starred in the film "Il Vangelo secondo Matteo" (The Gospel According to Matthew), dated 1964, or his face that Omino71 masked as a superhero who says: "I know the names" . In Via Teano,110, there is the Infinite Zero to Infinity of Iacurci on the façade of the Institute Superiore Di Vittorio Lattanzio. Finally, near the Rampa Prenestina, there is Smemo Project for urban creativity Augustino Iacurci and Diego Thoms Della Posta, work developed as part of a national initiative for urban creativity.

Clear sky on the pink house di Agostino Iacurci
Cavalli by Carlos Atoche
'Io so i nomi' by Omino71
'Zero infinito' by Agostino Iacurci