Pigneto da leggere

Pigneto da leggere
Pigneto da leggere
One Saturday a month for bibliodiversity
Pigneto da leggere
Pigneto da leggere | One Saturday a month for bibliodiversity

Pigneto da leggere is the project of Edizioni Alegre funded by the regional call IO LEGGO 2016.
The aim is to occupy with books a nightlife district invaded by speculative phenomena and organized crime, defending and reviving "bibliodiversity" in a publishing market increasingly monopolistic to build new ways to distribute and promote 20 independent publishers.

An initiative promoted by the Association of Independent publishers Odei and social and institutional cultural realities of Pigneto.
From March 4 to May 27, on Saturdays March 4, April 8, May 6 and May 27, the pedestrian area of ​​the Roman district will be literally invaded by initiatives aimed at promoting books and reading in the territory, with a cultural program oriented to social literature.

On March 4, at 11:30, at the Library of Via Mameli Pigneto, the exhibition on bibliodiversity of independent publishers  will be inaugurated. The exhibition will be opened for three months, with the books of publishers that will be donated to the library, accompanied a Decalogue of bibliodiversity widespread initiative in days.
Speakers at the day Giulio Calella, Edizioni Alegre, Gino Iacobelli, President Association Odei,
Octavia Murru, Director of Mameli Library and Lidia Ravera, Head of Culture of the Lazio Region.
Pigneto da leggere proposes to read aloud to children through workshops, theater and puppets from books, exhibitions of pictures from graphic novels, musical presentations and readings of texts by independent publishers. The road will also be occupied with 6 gazebo in via Pesaro for an exhibition market with books than twenty Roman independent publishers, and will also be carried out the campaign "Resistant to waste" to save the recovered paper, presenting them for sale for 3 € each, quality books now landlocked due to a distribution system entirely focused on large publishing brands.

The program of the initiative and updates are available on the website Edizioni Alegre and facebook event page.