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Photo Ark
Photo Ark
wonders of the animal world
Photo Ark
Photo Ark | wonders of the animal world

Unique images and new technologies, such as interactive screens and augmented reality, will make the whole family live an unforgettable experience.

Twelve years to photograph more than 7400 species in captivity at the four corners of the world. And it's not over yet, because Joel Sartore, a great National Geographic photographer, wants to portray all 12,000 of them, animal species housed in zoos, reserves, conservation centers.

And it will take at least another ten years to complete his monumental project Photo Ark ...

A selection of the most exciting shots of this work, together with an impressive digital archive of the most endangered species, will be on display at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, where visitors can interact with the entire photographers' archive with species photographed by Sartore, thus accessing a myriad of information and curiosities concerning in particular endangered species.

"The Planet is entering an unexplored territory, in which humanity is transforming the Earth and going towards a possible sixth mass extinction." The action of man goes back to the respect and protection of the Planet in its complexity through a ethical and sustainable development.

The message of Joel Sartore is clear: if we do not immediately commit ourselves to protect them, many animal species will disappear forever within a few decades. Saving them depends on us.