From Ostiense to Tor Sapienza, Rome hides fascinating stories behind the re-purposing of outmoded structures for cultural purposes
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Rome has many spots of industrial architecture so that in recent decades the city administration has contributed to re-purposing outmoded structures for cultural purposes: among the most successful projects, the Centrale "G. Montemartini " Museum and the Museum established in the former beer deposit of Peroni Brewery achieve a particular alchemy that is worth seeking out.

Centrale Montemartini
The Giovanni Montemartini Thermoelectric Centre is one of the best examples of industrial archaeology re-purposed into a museum. Inaugurated on June 30, 1912, it was the first public electric plant for the production of electrical energy of the "Municipal Electric Company" (now ACEA). After its sale in 1963, the centre was abandoned for about 20 years, until Acea decided to recover the building. The goal was to create a multifunctional space. The history of the Capitoline Museums exhibition centre began in 1997 when, to free spaces of the Museum of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Museo Nuovo and the Braccio Nuovo, the exhibition entitled "The machines and The gods" was set up in the central areas of the building. Over the years alongside the old production machinery of the central many exhibitions of masterpieces of ancient sculpture and precious artefacts have been set up so that the space - now redeveloped and perfectly functional - initially conceived as temporary, has been confirmed as the permanent seat of the collections of the most recent acquisition of the Capitoline Museums. Thus, it has become the chosen place for experimenting new display solutions and for scientific research on the finds.

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The  Peroni Brewery Historical Archive and Museum
The Peroni Brewery Museum hosts many objects, images, original documents and old documentaries that made the history of Peroni’s. Testimonies that reveal a common path with much of the history of the Italian society of the last century. The three sections of the museum correspond to three key points of the success of the Peroni Company over time. The first is dedicated to the industrial history in its internal dimension and relations with local communities; the second underlines the history of beer product and its consumption in the Italian market; the last one is dedicated to Peroni’s advertising from the early XX century to the invention of the Bionda Peroni in its infinite variations. Documents and files are available for documented reasons of study and research.

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