The Park of Comics

The Park of Comics
The Park of Comics
In South Rome a park entirely dedicated to comics
The Park of Comics
The Park of Comics

Rome is a city of a thousand faces: beyond the ancient, Renaissance, Baroque and Risorgimento, there is a Rome of comics. In fact, in the Torrino-Mezzocamino neighborhood a park has been created entirely dedicated to the ninth art. Here the areas, streets and squares have been dedicated to the characters of Italian comics: Corto Maltese, Dylan Dog, Tex Willer, Lupo Alberto, Diabolik, Pimpa and Valentina. But also Zagor and Mr. Bonaventura, undisputed protagonists of the history of Italian comics.

The park traces the history of the comic strip starting from Mr. Bonaventura in 1917, passing through Dylan Dog and Valentina up to the Pimpa and the Winx. All the protagonists are portrayed in the 4.20 meter high mosaic panels in the Piazza del Fumetto, where the colored characters cover the walls. In addition, the park is equipped with a cycle path, a beach volleyball court and a beach tennis court, as well as many rest areas and picnic areas, an outdoor gym and games for children, for a total of almost 5000 square meters of greenery in the heart of southern Rome.

Access to the park can be done from Piazza Crepax through the Porta di Tex, via Giovanni Mayer and via Rinaldo D'Ami and is dedicated to Tex Willer, one of the best known Italian comics ever, written and created by Giovanni Luigi Bonelli and the draftsman Aurelio Galleppini in 1948 and still published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. The area has an extension of 6.6 hectares and is characterized by the presence of sports fields for fans of Beach Volleyball and Beach Tennis, bike path, parking areas and games for children.

Continuing to walk, the park dedicated to Dylan Dog and Valentina is characterized by the game of "Teleferica" ​​and a fitness area where you can train with gym equipment. The area is a tribute to the famous nightmare investigator created by Tiziano Sclavi and graphically by Claudio Villa and considered a cult of Italian comics. The park also pays homage to Valentina Rosselli, known simply as Valentina, protagonist of the comic book of the same name created by Guido Crepax and an undisputed icon as well as a model of female emancipation of the 60s.

As for the other parks, this area, characterized by a large lawn with pine trees, is dedicated to a cartoon character: Diabolik, thief and unscrupulous killer who almost always manages to complete his plans. Engaged initially with Elisabeth Gay, he then met the beautiful Eva Kant, partner of life and accomplice. Created in 1962 by Angela Giussani and protagonist of the homonymous magazine published by the Milanese publishing house Astorina, she decreed the birth of the genre of Italian black comics.

Zagor and Martin Mystere could not be missing: the first, conceived in 1961 by Guido Nolitta (pseudonym of Sergio Bonelli) and graphically created by Gallieno Ferri, fights to keep the peace, protect the Indian tribes and hunt down criminals. Martin Mistère is the protagonist of the first series focused on his adventures as an archaeologist and writer investigating the mysteries of the past and present as Atlantis, UFOs, parapsychology and various enigmas of history, archeology and science.

The Park of Lupo Alberto, the protagonist of the homonymous comic book series created by Silver in 1973 and Mr. Bonaventura, is accessible from Viale Gianluigi Bonelli passing from the Porta di Lupo Alberto, in the upper part, and from the Porta del Signor Bonaventura in the lower part. Here you can find gazebos, games for children, and an area dedicated to the barbecue.

The Corto Maltese Park is the largest in the district, with an area of ​​450000sqm, and is accessible from the Corto Maltese gate along via Bonelli and from the cycle path in the stretch between Largo Dino Battaglia and the park itself. Dedicated to the character created by Hugo Pratt in 1967 and became a 'cult' of comics, the park is the ideal place for a family trip: it is characterized by the presence of semi-shaded gazebos, ping-pong, games for the most small, a path for sportsmen and an ice rink.