Palestra dell’Innovazione

Palestra dell’Innovazione
Palestra dell’Innovazione
Palestra dell’Innovazione
Palestra dell’Innovazione

The Palestra dell’Innovazione (Phyrtual InnovationGym) set up by the Digital World Foundation, is a physical/virtual venue for innovation and lifelong learning. It is a gym for Experiential Learning and the practice of innovation in all its guises: technological, social and civil. As a venue, it is open to the local surroundings, the school world, companies, universities, where the young are the beating heart. It is a place where old and young professions can meet, where the language of fabrication is spoken (both traditional and digital), the language of experimentation and creativity to inspire professional growth, self-employment, and to practise the skills of the 21st century. Thanks to, the first centre for social innovation based on knowledge, learning and community building, the Gym project is able to communicate with the rest of the world and support itself using crowdfunding.

The Gym is a strategic model to develop education, new professions and self-awareness, as a place to get to know lifelong learning (knowledge, skills and values), where 'open innovation' is practised and change is planned in line with the principles of social and technological innovation to meet the crucial challenges of the 21st century, starting from the youth unemployment emergency, early school leaving, and the NEET phenomenon. The Gym, which is situated in Via del Quadraro 102, in the Tuscolano neighbourhood, currently features different spaces (Activity Space, Classe 3.0, Conference Room, FabLab, Game Lab, Immersive Lab, Robotic Centre, and Video Lab) all up and running and part of the New Jobs Workshop project. The teaching spaces are constantly updated to make them increasingly sophisticated and suitable for the range of courses, which also include ten transverse activities: Self-awareness / Team building & leadership / Problem solving & decision making / Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship / Digital manufacturing / Robotics / Coding, gaming e gamification / Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies / Animation, Video Production and Visual Effects.

The Gym is now involved in the New Jobs Workshop project, where young people from 15 to 24 can make use of the different learning environments free of charge. From digital manufacturing to business innovation, from gaming to immersive reality: these are the 4 learning environments used for the New Jobs Workshop, the free training programme set up by Google and the Digital World Foundation to increase digital expertise and create dedicated training and vocational guidance activities for unemployed youth:

fablab: use of laser cutters, 3D printers and the typical tools of a fablab;
video lab: video making with 3D animation and visual effects;
game lab: game development and interactive storytelling;
immersive lab: immersive technology and augmented reality.

Courses take place at the Città Educativa di Roma in Via del Quadraro 102, and to attend them you apply by filling in the online form to be found on
The workshops are for all young people between the ages of 15 and 29, with precedence given to those who are not studying or are out of work. Every morning robotics labs are run for schools, to learn to design, build and program robots: they start from bee-boot, the robot ape for primary school children, and end with competitions between robot rescuers, that automatically intervene to help humans in an emergency. Meanwhile, ZoomeTool and Toobeez put to the test social workers, educators, trainers, but even managers, to learn to solve problems in an innovative and collaborative way, with workshops all week including the weekend. A line of costume jewellery, a smart dress, a drone, a football pitch for robots, aids for the disabled, there is nothing that can't be built in a Fablab thanks to innovative and versatile machines. Thronging with makers, the FabLab is attended by students, artisans, inventors and even very small children who can learn the basics of electronics at special workshops made to measure. 

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