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Travelling pages
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The first free library in a hospital
Travelling pages
Travelling pages | The first free library in a hospital

After just five years of activity as a bookstore, the Libra association already represents a multi-dimensional reality, a workshop that aims to "create" and has already produced many projects, such as the "Traveling Pages" initiative.

The project, born in 2013, is based on the collection of books destined for destruction and debris, which are then donated to places of great public affluence. In these years Libra has spread the culture in various places in Rome and has saved nearly two thousand books.

Moreover, thanks to the funding received for winning the regional call "Io leggo" (I read, ndt), the cultural workshop has had the precious opportunity to create a free library at a Roman hospital. It is the San Giovanni Addolorata hospital where, on June 14, with the participation of - among others - the Lydia Ravera Youth Education and Youth Policy Officer, the "Traveling Pages" project was officially presented.

Inside the waiting room of the Presidential Center Santa Maria, a free and very special library was set up: all the books were saved from safe destruction and released in free and free circulation.

In addition, many workshops will feature writing and calligraphy courses, and interesting activities are also available for the younger ones: for children this will be the occasion to turn books into herbs, handicrafts and recycled paper will be the white page on which The little ones can write their stories.

"The idea - says Monica Maggi - the creator of the initiative - is also to create a small museum with all the ancient pens and typewriters that have been recovered in recent years."
"Traveling Pages" received the permanent support of the Unesco Scientific Committee and is sponsored by the Libraries of Rome.

Travelling pages