Ottavo Colle: urban incursions into discarded spaces

Ottavo Colle: urban incursions into discarded spaces
Ottavo Colle: urban incursions into discarded spaces
Ottavo Colle: urban incursions into discarded spaces
Ottavo Colle

Ottavo Colle is a Cultural Association that organizes urban incursions into discarded spaces in areas of industrial archaeology, in the suburbus of the Italian cities that are subject to #gentrification, by proposing a path of knowledge of the "suburban city" to traditional paths. For Ottavo Colle the path means action, building and narration. The path to a space is not only the line that draws the act of crossing, but it is the story of the crossed space even though for us it is worth the admonition of Italo Calvino: never confuse the story of cities with the city itself. So there are critical reading of urban storytelling.

Cities are the scene of moving urban identities and Ottavo Colle tells them through various languages: music, photography, theater and public art. The Association wants to contribute to enhancing the metropolis, promoting in particular cultural, historical, artistic and accessibility aspects, for a city that is fit for everyone and inclusive of any difference; to contribute to the development of scientific research in the area of ​​urban transformation. The end is the union of memory, consciousness of place and time, conjugated with the recognition of the new realities of urban communities.

For this purpose it organizes meetings, even in multidisciplinary forms, such as study meetings, conferences, training, exposotive, educational, artistic and performative activities; valorising art in its contemporary and metropolitan form with musical and theatrical incursions, and all the languages ​​that the city can suggest.

These are some of the metropolitan incursions already carried out:

Urban Signs: Monte dei Cocci, Corviale, Eur Mushroom, Tangenziale, Aqueduct Park, Gasometer

Trails in the 12 official boroughs: Acilia, Primavalle, Trullo, Tormarancia, Quarticciolo, Villa Gordiani, Prenestina, San Basilio, Pietralata, Tufello, Val Melaina, Torre Gaia

Urban Incursions in the #gentrification: Testaccio, Monti, Pigneto, Trastevere, Torpignattara

Cinematographic, poetic and theatrical walks: the Trullo, reading the Anonymous Poets of Trullo, Beat Generation at the Achtalic Cemetery of Testaccio, Eur reading the screenplay of Antonioni's "Eclipse", Quadraro reading the screenplay of "Mamma Roma" by Pasolini, Testaccio Reading the screenplay of "Accattone" by Pasolini, Garbatella's lots with "Dear Diario" by Nanni Moretti, Monte dei Cocci reciting "The Gramsci Ash" by Pasolini.

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