Open House Roma

Open House Roma
Open House Roma
2017 edition
Open House Roma
Open House Roma | 2017 edition

The 6th and 7th May will be the usual appointment with Open House Rome, the annual event that at a weekend allows free opening of hundreds of buildings in Rome that are considered remarkable for their architectural and artistic peculiarities. The initiative pays special attention to the historical heritage and above all to the modern and contemporary one, to open the visit of the city's transformation sites.

Open House - part of the Open House Worldwide event - is of international importance as it deals with architecture on four continents and 31 cities. The free guided tours by the designers themselves, the architects, the students of the three Faculties of Rome, the IED and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Italian Touring Club volunteers, the pedestrian and cycle tours, plus the numerous special events Will allow citizens to discover the hidden heritage of the Capital, that is to say those spaces which, for their daily function or lack of opportunity, are not open to public enjoyment.

Among the events of May 6th, we signal Circuito Marconi, the tour designed and designed by Label201, born out of the desire to bring out the new identity of Marconi's liminal area / Radio square, a junction between large passageways and several neighborhoods, Thanks to the discovery of the factories that are located in the abandoned and adjacent areas of former factories and rural areas of the area, dedicated to cultural and creative experimentation, which have led to the creation of a unique cultural and creative pole unique in the scenery of Rome.

The final phase of Circuito Marconi will open the studies of the cultural and creative district of Portuense201, located within the area of ​​the Ex Vaccheria Riccioni. Indeed within the courtyard of the village will be accessible not only the spaces used daily to study, but for this year will be occupied by an installation also a space visible to the public for the first time.

Sunday May 7 will be the turn of Prog arch_design, the first Italian itinerant study of architecture and design. The artistic and professional collective is formed by Emilia Parente, Barbara Parente, Floriana Orlandino and Gisella Giudice, four architects who will tour the visitors together with the history of the community of the Ferrovieri Palace and the Condominiale Library at the Cortile through a guided tour and a photographic exhibition, Taking part in the flash reading mob at the High Voice Library, entering the study house with artistic stained glass b, going down in the old washrooms and participating in the interactive architectural game "Welcome home!" With ApeProgr, an original mobile architecture studio that will be housed in the yard.

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