On the Road Film Festival

On the Road Film Festival
On the Road Film Festival
Edition dedicated to the theme of travel and its corollaries
On the Road Film Festival
On the Road Film Festival | Edition dedicated to the theme of travel and its corollaries

Five editions of an author's festival and the age of twenty-one of a historic roman cinematic club. These are the first ingredients of a cultural proposal out of the schemes and surely beyond known trajectories.

11 feature films and 12 shorts in competition, special events and out of competition, national previews: the selection that the Detour, entirely dedicated to the theme of travel and its corollaries, offers to the Roman public for their birthday, is one that should not be forgotten.

The Festival is realized with the support of the Lazio Region, Department of Youth Culture and Policies; with the patronage of Libraries of Rome and Multiethnic Rome and in collaboration with Moving Docs,, Creative Europe Media, Mandarin, Lights from China.

Three remarkable out-of-court contest enrich the program: Alejandro Jodorowsky's Poetry Sin End (2016) and Miles Ahead of Don Cheadle, on the life of the great jazz genius Miles Davis, in Roman premiere. For the athletes the fascinating The Dolphin man, shot in Greece, about the life of the great French apneist Jacques Mayol, nicknamed his own Dolphin man. A journey on man's journeys that has revolutionized the world of apnea and deep diving.

The competition program, which will animate November's weekends, sees impressive previews and discoveries. Two juries will order the winners. The Jury for Feature Films is composed of President Vittorio Moroni, director, author, screenwriter, Lea Tafuri, screenwriter and Luca Mandrile, director, editor. The Jury for the Short Films sees as members the President Gianclaudio Cappai, director, author, Giovanna Addivinola, editor, festival organizer, Paolo Cavalcanti, record producer, festival organizer and visual art exhibitions.

Among the long Punk à chien of French Remi Mazet, where a young, disillusioned and lonely outsider traverses France's streets in the company of a dog, experiencing gimmicks until he realizes that something is wrong with his dog. The Flat Tire Documentary - An American Music Dream by Ugo of Faenza follows the incredible musical journey through the USA of the group of young Neapolitan musicians "The Third Class" in search of the deep roots of popular American music.

Among the shorts, The Edge of Russian Alexandra Averyanova, where an elderly woman lives in a small station, lost in the depths of the countryside. Every day, for many years, it runs along the tracks. The only event in woman's life is a train that goes to her station without stopping.