Officine delle arti e dei mestieri di Acuto

Officine delle arti e dei mestieri di Acuto
Officine delle arti e dei mestieri di Acuto
The new cultural center in the province of Frosinone is named the "Albero delle meraviglie"
Officine delle arti e dei mestieri di Acuto

The small city of Acuto, in the province of Frosinone, hosts the newly founded (about a month ago) Officina delle Arti e dei Mestieri (Workshop of Arts and Crafts). Such workshop has been created with the aim of supporting the cultural growth of local young people. 

This new cultural space specialized in handcraft is indeed named after the "Albero delle meraviglie" (The Miracle Tree) and has branches laden with opportunities for all young people, from the age of 14 to 35, who would like to test their artistic skills or acquire new abilities. 

Here you can find a rehearsal room with equipment for recording, internet access, spaces specifically designed for exhibitions, seminars and workshops and courses aimed at rediscovering and teaching old crafts, such as the course on traditional embroidery or the one on gold embroidery; at the same time it is important to be in line with the modern times, so digital graphics courses, as well as digital journalism courses are provided. 

The Officina has the task of promoting culture in all its forms, arts, but also crafts. It has a double goal, namely teaching old crafts typical of the local area, but also supporting the economic growth of the community by providing courses on viticulture, olive culture and apiculture. Significant attention is paid to the cinema and its language, to theatre and creative writing.  

So, the Albero delle meraviglie wants to be a point of reference for young people in Acuto, a place where one’s own projects can be implemented and dreams can come true.

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