Figurative arts, hi-tech, traditional game and urban culture in the Viterbo province

It is a place where you can learn to use new technologies, but also experience the magic of traditional games. Particular emphasis is placed on youth culture in all its expressions, as the organization of the Urban Vision Festival shows.

The Officina delle Arti e della musica of Acquapendente (Oama - workshop of arts and music), managed by the cultural associations DARK CAMERA and TORO SOUND, aims at supporting the development of cultural activities, without forgetting their values and responsibilities.

In collaboration with the association Cancelli of Arkham, the workshop located in Acquapendente promotes a series of initiatives and events, whose mission is to foster the culture of intelligent gaming among young people as well as other age groups, while creating a place of cultural integration and exchange of experiences. Each week a different game is introduced and explained through practical demonstrations, which everyone can actively attend. 

Theoretical and practical workshops are organized and focus on scenario building and miniature painting, which can be used in tridimensional strategic games. The Officina is therefore a reference point for those who practice such activities, in addition, a local thematic game is currently being developed and will actively involve the local community.

In the Fab Lab, which is equipped with a 3d printer and milling cutter, several activities are organized with the aim of stimulating the creativity of young people and of those who have a passion for the Maker culture. Each person will have the possibility to test the feasibility of his/her own idea in the workshop and to eventually implement it.

The Officina is a place where young people are expected to take an active part, by giving free rein to their creativity, and where they can do experimental works in the field of multimedia, artistic and traditional handcrafted productions. 

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