wooden skin

wooden skin
wooden skin
Amante dei materiali ecosostenibili, Marta Antonelli sta rivoluzionato il mondo della moda creando borse e scarpe morbidissime, anche se di legno
wooden skin
wooden skin

Being made of wood is not always a bad thing. Marta Antonelli knows it and has managed to create with the most noble natural material a set of beautiful and flexible fashion accessories. These are so special and fascinating that everyone likes them, even those who are not convinced ecologist. Everyone has his passions and his beliefs. It is not easy to match the love for creating shoes and bags with that for nature, as these items are generally leather products. Marta Antonelli, a young Roman designer, has thought a bit about it and fixed the problem. How? With the help of ash, birch, maple and walnut wood (all with FSC certification) and, of course, a lot of style.

When, how and why did you start your business?
I founded the company in 2011, a year before graduating from IED as a designer of fashion accessories. This project arises from a deep unease: I was tired of always using leather and wanted to work on a sustainable product. I had the idea of ​​using wooden managing to make it soft, joining it to the fabric and making small laser cuts.

Who believed in you?
My father, without a doubt, has always supported and helped me in implementing my insights and to realize my plans.

Can you tell us a dream of yours?
It is not just about fashion. I'd like to create my own concept store to sell the new interior design line I'm working on. And then I would go to Triponzo, in Umbria, the land of my grandfather, to build a small environmental friendly hotel, designed exclusively with our material.

What would you start with?
Surely the interior design line: the market is growing more and much attention is paid to style and material of the accessories in our homes.

What inspires you usually?
It is the wood that speaks to me and I listen to it.

Tell us about a project that represents you.
The first shopper that I produced, Atlantea, symbol of my debut, and the new clutch Ivy, created for the Geneva Forests Day.

What has been your greatest satisfaction?
Having a product made. It was not easy: at the beginning everyone believed that my father and I were crazy and did not believe in working the material that we were carrying. Time and sells have proved we were right.

What do you want to convey with your creations?
The strongest message is that fashion can be sustainable without being less appealing. With our choice we do not just defend the world, but we help to make it a better place: with a tree I produce up to 200 bags and 150 pairs of shoes. And for each product we sell, we plant a new tree.

Do you like your job?
Yes, it requires many sacrifices, anxieties and stress, but everything is paid off by the passion and joy of seeing the birth of a product like no other. It's priceless.

Marta Antonelli's soft yet wooden bags
Small wooden strips give birth to eco-friendly accessories
Marta Antonelli's comfortable and colorful bags
Lo trovi qui: Via Giole Solari, 24 - 00166 Rome
Lo trovi qui: Via Giole Solari, 24 - 00166 Rome