Mic Roma App is born

Mic Roma App is born
Mic Roma App is born
Art becomes smart
Mic Roma App is born
Mic Roma App is born | Art becomes smart

Innovative, practical and versatile, this is the trend of today's culture, a world in which the app of museums are the real protagonists. Through their simplicity of use, availability and consultation, these daily supports are proving to be a useful and indispensable resource both for the communication of cultural products and for the teaching and engagement of museums.

In line with this trend, 20 civic museums of the Musei in Roma circuit have focused on interactivity as a tool to bring the public closer to their collections: engaging narratives, information rich in details, routes, itineraries and maps for visiting a trip full of news, curiosity and augmented reality.

Mic Roma, available for both iPhone and Android, allows users to consult official information, always updated in real time, on scheduled activities, exhibitions and events, in addition to teaching in progress. With its simple and intuitive use, Mic Rome is characterized by in-depth content organized in the following sections:

- MUSEUMS, with descriptions of the individual locations, information on timetables and tickets;
- EXHIBITIONS - EVENTS - DIDACTICS, with all activities updated in real time;
- GALLERY, with a careful selection of images, photos and videos;
- MAP with the geolocation of museums in the city, where it is possible to obtain an indication of the necessary path to reach the destination.

Available in both Italian and English, the app is a valid and indispensable tool for getting to know this extremely heterogeneous circuit, consisting of 20 museums and archaeological sites of exceptional cultural value.