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Museum Social Club | Art and Weekend

From May 26, 2017 to November 21, 2017, the Museum Club Social Club - Weekend Edition, dedicated to emerging artists, is scheduled to select up to 4 performances each month, which can be represented in the Municipal Museums and in some cultural areas of Rome Capital from July to the end of 2017 under the review "On the weekend the art animates".
The contest is free and open to young artists between 18 and 30 years of age in the following areas: music, theater and dance. There are no restrictions on the language used for musical performances; Theatrical performances should predominate the use of the Italian language.

To participate, you must send a presentation video of the project giving you an idea, as far as possible, about how the artist / group / company performs.

The received videos will be uploaded to the Facebook Channel of the Municipal Museums starting on the 22nd of the month and / or the next few days. In this way, users will be able to express their preference until day 28 of the month; The artists who will receive more will be the winners of the contest and will have the chance to perform live in the show for a maximum of 25 minutes each. All videos must arrive by midnight on the 21st of each month with the first expiration on 21 June 2017, subject to exclusion from the contest.

All the proposals presented, especially for the musical genre, should be original and in any case present substantial elements of originality in interpretation. The proposed activities do not have to include any particular dimensions, set-ups and / or scenographic elements in respect and compatibility with the museum spaces where the activities will be carried out and will not need any amplification or lighting equipment.

In addition to the presentation of the project, each artist must attach a biographical note and photographic material.

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