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The Museomix creative marathon : in Italy from 11 to 13 November 2016
Museomix | People make museums

Makeathon, the creative marathon that recently won the interest of the most attentive communities of the field, is finally arriving to Italy. During the next weekend, in four homegrown cities and other 13 in the rest of the world Museomix will take place, an event combining expertly collaborative international community and culture. Three days will be dedicated to the intellectual and manual labor, in the form of team play.

The on November 11 with several teams, each one made by six different "museomixer" or communicators, designers, makers, computer programmers, experts of collections and cultural mediators, who will work within museums in order to turn it into a workshop where designing and building innovative mediation tools to improve the use and engage new audiences.

What will the museomixers do? After a thorough visit to the museum and explanation of various playgrounds, they will develop the concept, the real project to implement. During the second day, and until the first half of the third, teams will focus on the production of the prototype thanks to the FabLab, the craft workshop and the TechShop, ie a technology stock available in the museum. The final stage involves the development of the story and the brand or the development of the electronic part.

The Italian audince will take part in the event on Sunday, when it will experience the different prototypes built. The goal is to equip the museum with new technology tools or creative and animated itineraries to improve their usability. The plus is that the museum becomes a "remix", as this will lead to an great long-term result: experiencing a new way of living spaces and collections, open up to the comparison with professionals around the world.