The vital breath of the language of art
Murmures | The vital breath of the language of art

The exhibition, curated by Domenico Iaracà, collects the work of six artists to express the human need to communicate. Silvia Beccaria, Tonina Cecchetti, Silvia Granata, Mirna Manni, Sabine Pagliarulo, Simona Poncia, find themselves surprisingly around a project whose research object is summarized by the significant title of Murmures, whispers, murmurs.

Almost to chase and reinterpret, over thousands of years from its formulation, the Aristotelian concept of virtue, try to find the equilibrium point, an antidote to incommunicability, whether due to excessive noise that hinders communication or closure that, all 'the opposite, he denies it, as the curator said, Domenico Iaracà.

The exhibition, promoted by Roma Capitale, Cultural Growth Department - Capitoline Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, with the collaboration of Galleria Honos Art of Rome, with the museum services of Zètema Progetto Cultura, is hosted in the exhibition spaces of the Museo delle Mura from 24 February April 8, 2018. The chosen language is the language of art: from ceramics to photography and fiber art, each artist, following personal codes, coherent though never the same even within each individual research, gives voice to his own intimate using the means that are most congenial to her.

Even the Walls, almost an oxymoron themselves, present themselves as an example of silence full of words, of real stories that narrate the centuries of life of the building. The works on show collect the challenge of representing the immaterial, in particular the significant sound, the word and the communication.

A challenge overcome with those means that only art has, that is the ability to represent the unrepresentable, evoke worlds and experiences, as a wish for an increasingly open and constructive dialogue.