Multimedia Net-work

Multimedia Net-work
Multimedia Net-work
Three free courses for higher education
An important opportunity for creative professionals
Multimedia Net-work
Multimedia Net-work | Three free courses for higher education

Minerva Sapiens s.r.l. is a center for higher education and orientation, which organizes up to date courses and certifications useful to enter the labor world. Among the new courses starting we list Multimedia Net-work, totally financed by the Lazio Region. The project is addressed to unemployed people from the graphic / artistic sector. TFree courses, placements in manufacturing SMEs and craft businesses, individualized consulting and the creation of a targeted network of businesses and professionals have benn planned.
The activities are divided into three main directions:
-line 1 Free course Acquisition of multimedia and business skills for the graphic and creative industry, which includes 200 classroom lessons, a 150 hours training course at craft and productive SME companies. Also a personal consulting is provided for a total of 15 hours;
-line 2 Innovative entrepreneurial skills for the graphics industry, or training measures for SME owners or handicraft companiews in the graphics, publishing or communication sector for a total of 50 hours;
-line 3 Free Course for Multimedia graphics with regional qualification, which includes 495 hours classroom lessons, a 150 hours training course at small businesses and productive SMEs and personal consulting for a total of 15 hours.

Admission requirements to the courses - lines 1 and 3
You have to be unemployed, residing in the Lazio Region for at least six months, with a high school diploma. In addition, it is essential to have legal age at the date of application.

Preferred requirements - lines 1 and 3
Graduztion in graphic / artistic sector, or professional experience in graphic / artistic sector. Applicants with mental and physical discomfort will have a place reserved.