Morolo - The Murales of Ciociaria

Morolo - The Murales of Ciociaria
Morolo - The Murales of Ciociaria
A municipality has done paintings on the walls an urban heritage
Morolo - The Murales of Ciociaria
Morolo - The Murales of Ciociaria
It is often said that art has no boundaries; it can cross every border or sneak into small villages, far from the contemporary cultural scene. This is what has happened in Morolo, a small borough of Ciociara, in the valley of river Sacco few kilometers from Frosinone, south of Rome: in this place , murals have perfectly melted with the streets of this old village for over 30 years, giving the place a certain and unusual fascination.

Morolo’s Walls become works of art
Morolo has been a pioneer in matter of murals since the term appeared back in the 80’s,Thanks to local artist Fausto Mancini, whose first work on a house wall entered the tradition of the place. Here begins our tour on local creativity. In Ernesto Biondi square, he performed his 250 square mt murals in 1984, portraying one of the most thorny situation of local History: the early’900 emigration to the Usa.

Hard times become part of artistic heritage.
Emigration to the New Continent is One of the hardest moments of Italian history, and this artist has impressed it on the walls with skilful virtuosity. The feelings of hope the people leaving their hometown can be read in the work . on one side of the ‘’Italian boot’’ women greet their man holding suitcases, toward their new stars and stripes life; on the other side , the American one, a policeman and the Statue of Liberty are waiting for the immigrants.

The 1001 Murales of Morolo
This s just a little part of what you will find in Morolo; once you reach Ernesto Biondi square, in front of Mancini’s work, you get across Mario Rosati ‘s portrait of Ernesto Biondi, artist of the beginning of the century, and the other one , placed on the strada provincial called Donna Ciociara, an image rich in energy of a woman busy in her daily duties. In Guglielmo Marconi street, next to the church of san Rocco e Sebastiano, do not miss Maro Fiaschetti’s work on emigration or his laboratory in 57, Madonna del piano street, in which he works on wood and bronze

THE Italo-Catalan works in Morolo
And if you feel like having more Art, go and wander along Morolo’s alleys and discover the thousand works that embellish the village. Since 1994 , Italian and Spanish young artists come here for the two festivals, and their works are displayed all over the place, such as the big trapeze hanging between two buildings, by Pepcamps or the big aluminum statue by Carlo de Meo in Porta Castello street, set on the walls of the building like a big meridian telling the passing of time and melting ancient to new.