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Mod Academy
Mod Academy
A place to train professionals in a perfect Mod style
Mod Academy
MOD Academy

Vona and Oni are among the hair stylists who, at national and international level, are changing the way to do this job. Emanuele Vona comes from a family tradition of hairdressers and Sicilian barbers. Then he moved to London where he discovered his passion for subcultures and Modernism. Oni's passion is born very soon. After attending the hairdressing school, he had worked in some salons in the center of Rome and attended the best schools. Nowadays they collaborate with great Italian and international fashion photographers and fashion magazines. They are always protagonists at the fashion week and around the world for the greatest fashion designers. In 2004 they opened Mod Salons, the first of a series of hair salons. In 2016 the Mod Academy - the last son of a winning association - was born.

Various experiences and suggestions come together in their salons, that are places where the melting pot between high fashion and subcultures - in the era of contamination - draws inspiration from any form of art. With these assumptions, Mod Academy is the place where you can evolve your professional skills, but conscious of the influences, the ways and the trends, by drawing the best of each professional and discovering a creativity that is often hidden and fit. Adapting, adopting and improving: this is the spirit that animates their courses.

Foundation Course
Basic techniques are the foundations of any good stylist. Line, scaling graduation and color theory are the focus of creative activity. Perfecting the techniques in lessons that will leave ample room for personal feedback from the teachers. Designed for designers of all levels. Duration: 3 days.

Salon Creative (Intermediate Course)
Styles and inspirations for a more in-depth knowledge of creative language: deepen theory and practical cut and color exercises to discover a new perspective. Be able to pass on the ability to highlight work in the salon and motivate your team. Suitable for hairdressers who already have experience and basic coloristic stylistic styling training. Duration: 3 days.

MOD Collection Advance
Based on the latest MOD collection, this course is designed to explode creative potential, with a close working relationship with the MOD team. The advanced course is structured with lessons, new collection presentations, in-depth demonstrations, and guided work sessions designed to illustrate the latest cutting edge and color techniques. Well-suited, well-qualified hairdressers with more technical, stylistic and color-based training. Duration: 3 days. At the end of the course you’ll received a certificate of participation.

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