Mi odio!

Mi odio!
Mi odio!
Debora Malis' solo exhibition
Mi odio!
Mi odio! | Debora Malis' solo exhibition

Mi odio!, (I hate myself !), the personal exhibition of Debora Malis, kicks off the exhibition path of the new Inferno Store course, a Roman historical space dedicated to music and alternative culture.

Mi odio! is the new personal iter of the Roman artist Debora Malis curated by Rossana Calbi. The polychrome terracottas of Debora are the "bad thoughts" of a good girl shaped by the hands of the artist who, through the delicacy, comes to the provocations on the female soul. The fears that have accompanied us since childhood undergo yet another transformation and adapt to a new confused, strong, delirious and full of contradictions femininity.

Mi odio! it is the search for a peaceful response in its contradictions, it is the ritualization of myths in a new allegory that is born and develops in the hell of incongruities, the solution of the artist is to do. Debora transforms confused thoughts, doubts and fears into action: acting physically on these and in the heat of an emotional hell it transforms them into finished and ended actions, into works of art.

Simultaneously with the humanities, Debora Malis became passionate about the plastic arts by attending the workshops of the ceramist artisans and the School of Ornamental Arts in Rome.

He began exhibiting in 2010, and his works are protagonists both in spaces linked to the underground such as the MAAM, the Museum of the Other and the Altrove of Metropoliz and the B (A) M, the underground illegal library of the Centocelle district of Rome that in more canonical places like the galleries, is its recent Fioridirovo exhibition at the Vittoria gallery in Rome. Mi odio! is the first personal exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi: a new beginning in a new exhibition space in the Roman panorama, Inferno Store.