The Festival of digital culture
MEDIOERA 2017 | The Festival of digital culture

The next edition of Medioera, the digital innovation festival, will be held from March 23 to 26 at the Bic Lazio Active Space Valle Faul in Viterbo.
The event, focused on the use of new technologies in various fields, has gradually become one of the most important in Italy, boasting, in a historic seven years of national and international guests and hundreds of visitors from each region. Medioera and its co-founder, Mauro Rotelli, are among the 100 creatives published in the Volume 100 Stories of Creativity 2016.

In this year's edition, the protagonist will be the Talent, in its many forms. Experts, visual designers, instagramers, each one will bring his/her extraordinary daily experience telling. During the four day event, 61 guests, 14 startups, 154 Instagramers, 25 debates and 12 workshops, the first Webinar, 1 Social Dinner, 1 Digital Breakfast will animate the festival.

Medioera will be launched on Thursday, March 23, with an afternoon full of talks and debates followed by the Start Up Night: a showcase dedicated to the business ideas characterized by innovations from improving change of lifestyles. Many modern inventors will have the opportunity to present their innovative projects and take advantage of the visibility offered by Medioera. During the evening there will also be the delivery of Fantappiè Prize, the distinguished scientist award for Viterbo among the most famous Italian mathematicians.

Among the well-established events of the festival, the Lego Serious Play is introduced this year: a facilitation methodology designed to help groups to share ideas, knowledge, goals and above all functional stimulation of dialogue and constructive discussions to solve real problems, all thanks to the most famous bricks in the world.
The closing event will be the Instameet: a sort of "gathering" of a hundred Instagramers from all over Italy, who will meet in the ancient city of Sutri spending the whole day shooting photos, shots, images and sharing them worldwide on the social platform.