the festival of digital innovation
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Medioera | the festival of digital innovation

Medioera is ten! The digital innovation festival is ten years old and is getting ready to celebrate this important anniversary.

The event, which will be hosted in Viterbo, at the Bic Lazio Active Space in Valle Faul, will be held from 9 to 12 May and has unmissable surprises in store.

Over time, Medioera has progressively established itself as a showcase among the most important in the sector at national level.

On his stage, in fact, among debates, talks and in-depth studies, prestigious guests of international standing alternated, who were able to lead the event to very high levels.

The four days will be full of events that will take place in a real marathon of "social innovation", in collaboration with leading exponents of marketing and communication.

To start the work, as usual, the Start Up Night, a sort of event in the event.

During the evening of May 9th, a showcase of prestige will be offered to all aspiring entrepreneurs who have materialized a new idea capable of revolutionizing the traditional marketing market.

The ideas of innovative companies will have the opportunity to present themselves and take advantage of the visibility offered by the Medioera stage.

During the evening there will also be the presentation of the Fantappiè Award, an award dedicated to the illustrious Viterbo scientist among the most famous Italian mathematicians.

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