"Dark Matter" Masterclass

"Dark Matter" Masterclass
Films of tensions, resonances and empathy
"Dark Matter" Masterclass | Films of tensions, resonances and empathy

20, 21 and 22 January, 3 days to 6 hours a day for a Masterclass film entitled Dark Matter.
The Detour cultural association, located in Monti and present here on our site, in collaboration with Noeltan Film Lab, organizes a moment of high education with Massimo D'Anolfi and Martina Parenti.
The two, respectively, screenwriter and director, have achieved together in 2007. The Betrothed, presented at the Locarno Film Festival and premiered at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence and in Filmmaker Film Festival in Milan. Then other winning productions like Great Expectations, The Castle awarded to the Toronto Hot Docs with the Special Jury Prize in 2013 and Dark Matter, which is presented at the Berlinale and begins a long journey getting several festival awards.
Until Spira Mirabilis project, all works presented during the Masterclass through which you want to tell insights, travel, obstinacy and daily work of a cinema so-called "anti-narrative".
"It 's time to listen, to find new ways to tell the reality. We must use all means available to find the profound moral of their work. Movies can be an analytical chamber to read more about the life, the light, the world. We always try to go beyond reality frequenting places visible and invisible places, real and imaginary places places. We must break free from the oppression that it takes all the same and stop being at the service of the system that leads to the production of consumer goods. We try to keep us open and try to leave traces for the future. "
The masterclass is open to anyone, filmmakers, photographers, artists, critics and students, and simple lovers of cinematic art.
The masterclass will take place in Rome at the Independent Film Detour, Via Urbana 107 and to attend each candidate must send resume, cover letter, filling out forms and all that is required on the official event website.
Friday, January 20 screening of the film Dark Matter, and to follow the meeting with directors.