Masterclass ArtiTexture#2

Masterclass ArtiTexture#2
Masterclass ArtiTexture#2
the call for creatives under 35
Masterclass ArtiTexture#2
Masterclass ArtiTexture#2 | the call for creatives under 35

Less than a month to close the creative call of Fondazione Exclusiva to select talented young creators (designers, architects, photographers, graphic designers, storytellers, artists, cartoonists, illustrators, etc) under 35 for the second edition of the Masterclass in Wine Design, which the Exclusiva Foundation promotes its "last mile" training program.

Experiential training paths that are born with a dual purpose: to train in a circular way, favoring learning by doing; facilitate the meeting, generating concrete job opportunities among young people and companies that look to creativity as a tool for innovation.

Each masterclass is based on learning based on experience, relationship and involvement. A training model that promotes creativity as a result of a "collective genius" to enhance the individual / group; to promote learning / performance; generate improvisation / structuring; train for reflection / problem solving.

Masterclasses use the method of Design Thinking that allows people to build ideas on the ideas of others, so as to arrive at solutions that could not be achieved with a single mind.

"This year - says Giorgia Turchetto, General Secretary of the Exclusiva Foundation - we decided to repeat the path of last year by extending the theme, not just labels, but wine experience tout court, to relate the wine with design and creativity , exploring from the labels to the packaging, from the events to the set-ups, all the innovative trends related to the storytelling of the wine ".

Last year, of the twenty seven creative designers selected, nine arrived at the bottom transforming their concept into concrete projects that convinced the three partner wineries, Zaccagnini, Feudi San Gregorio and Casale Cento Corvi, to continue the professional collaboration with the young creatives known thanks to the masterclass.