Mala Spina

Mala Spina
Mala Spina
In Viterbo the high quality of manual skill
Mala Spina
Mala Spina, a school specialized in wood

A return to traditional handcrafting as a response to unsatisfactory present times. Maybe that’s the reason why Mala Spina has been so successful. Malaspina, a school specialized in wood, was established almost three years ago in Viterbo by two friends, Giacomo Malaspina and Vasco Araldi, who had the same idea, namely creating a place dedicated to their passion, wood working. 

The lab located in Sant’Andrea Street is perfectly equipped with traditional machineries and tools. Here, under the guidance of skilled masters, everyone can acquire skills, such as turning and traditional carpentry, restoration, intaglio carving, planning and designing. 
During the course in traditional woodworking, students will learn the basic techniques to work with wood. Those students who will complete the course in turning will be able to design and make items of daily use and decorations. In this course, wood is worked with the fiber on axis with the lathe bed.

The most complete course is the one in cabinet-making and requires, as a precondition, a minimum of experience. During the three days of lessons, several techniques are used: the most usual ones from traditional carpentry, as well as specific techniques like inlay work, intaglio carving and composition materials other than wood (metals, bone, mother-of-pearl). At the end of the course, the student will be able to make a product with an medium complexity degree and to add a finishing touch by using traditional materials.

Besides standard courses, the so called “Scuola del Legno” (School of Wood) provides the opportunity to ask for and organize further specific activities to meet the student’s requirements and ideas. The school will provide the necessary rooms, equipment and support.

“We don’t want it to be a traditional “school” – says Giacomo Malaspina – rather a place of meeting, where ideas, suggestions can be exchanged and our passion shared”. In line with this approach, the Mala Spina school offers its students a midday lunch which is traditionally organized at the end of the course and eaten on the lab tables, which are obviously made by the two teachers.

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