Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome
Maker Faire Rome
The European Edition 4.0
Maker Faire Rome
Maker Faire Rome | The European Edition 4.0

Back, with increasingly impressive numbers and surprising attractions, the long-awaited appointment with "Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition 4.0", event now in its fifth edition. The biggest European event on innovation and business 4.0 will take place from 1 to 3 December 2017 at the Fiera di Roma.

With 7 pavilions available (one more than last year) for over 100 thousand square meters of extension, Maker Faire Rome confirms the fair where the digital revolution takes shape, the spotlight dedicated to families, children and all fans of innovation, but also the consolidated format for companies and professional innovators who use digital culture as a means to face the new challenges of the markets.

The theme of the company remains central and priority 4.0. With the practical approach and the clear language that distinguishes it, Maker Faire Rome intends to help the public (including to a large extent professionals and entrepreneurs) to understand the topic through examples, real simulations, testimonies (workshops and seminars).

The goal is to guide visitors in a production process, possibly in operation, that shows how the flow of information brings intelligence and efficiency to the process itself, from production to logistics, from supply chain to safety, from energy up to the personalization of the product itself.

Many, current and involving the other themes of the fifth edition. They range from the Internet of things to digital manufacturing up to agriculture 4.0, passing through the food of the future to sensors; smart mobility, recycling and reuse, sustainable construction; robotics; virtual and augmented reality, health and well-being; science and biotechnology.

"Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition 4.0" is an event promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and organized by its special company Innova Camera. An international event that brings together the best of innovation from around the world on the capital.

For visitors, Maker Faire Rome is an unrepeatable opportunity to interact - in preview - with the innovations that will change our lives for the better, while for makers, entrepreneurs, startuppers and average entrepreneurs, small and small, it is time to confront established international companies who chose the event as a launch pad for their products and innovations and for scouting for new talent.

Also in the 2017 edition, 10 thousand square meters of activities and exhibitors will be dedicated to children aged 4 to 15 organized in the special Kids Area (hall 4).