ceramic atelier

The ceramic atelier Madras has been practicing for many years an artistic and popular activity in the San Lorenzo district of Rome.

Madras is an aggregation of six artists convinced that with clay one can express thoughts with creativity.

The atelier is a laboratory of art creations and exhibition gallery shared in the form of Associaizone by six ceramists: Gaetana Corvino, Maria Grazia Pasanisi, Alessandra Borsetti, Sabrina Scura, Bianca Federico, Raika Cannone.

Here lessons on design and design techniques, modeling and finishing of low and high temperature ceramics, stoneware, porcelain and paperclay are given.

It is also possible to follow modeling, painting, enamelling, sculpture or other courses in agreement with the teacher and in relation to personal attitudes.

The laboratory stands out for its originality of expressive language and research, each of the six women represents their own imaginary and follows personal stylistic paths modeling the lands with only manual techniques such as: colombino, slabs, applications excisions and sculptural techniques.

High-temperature glazes predominate in decoration, and printing and drawing techniques on stoneware and porcelain are explored.

In the gallery you can buy the unique pieces on display or request a customized production. The exhibition space is open to hosting exhibitions or other events.