Photo by Antonio Barrella

In physics, space is a three-dimensional extension without limits that contains objects, material items and us.

However, we are also space, as are our bodies, our movement and therefore we also are containers.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this, while I was talking with Maria Elena Curzi, Chiara Pacioni and Silvia Franci, 3 out of the 6 founders of the Luogocomune Danza (Commonplace Dance), founded in 2011, and now the centre of the project together with Eva Grieco, who joined in 2015.

«A common place for us has several meanings. Above all, our place in common, the place where we met: the Spazio Per-formativo Duncan 3.0. Then there is the idea of a common creative space, a place where to merge the roles of dance, working all together on choreography, play writing and direction. And lastly, commonplace in the sense of clichés, banality, something taken for granted to be handled and make a problem about to transform it into a story».

The girls spoke to me about degrees in languages and history of religions, gymnastic, theatre, dance, capoeira, pilates, academic courses, mime and many other things to explain how many and which different paths brought them together, to merge their styles to the point of synthesizing a minimal, performing, scenic language inspired by cinema, photography and abstract figurative art.

They told me about the support from Duncan 3.0 and Con.Cor.D.A (Consorzio Coreografi Danza D'Autore), about artistic residencies, about winning the call from Roma Capitale “Esplorare lo spazio” (Exploring the Space) and how they have mainly travelled between Lazio and Tuscany, but also going to Paris and New York.

Luogocomune Danza describes their own vision of reality in unconventional places (air-attack shelters, assisted healthcare facilities, factories, shop windows) with performances that try to bring the public closer to contemporary dance, playing on irony and on the grotesque from daily life.

Being a space, making space, occupying space: just like that.

The story has been written by Elisa Casseri, writer.