Photo by Antonio Barrella

«I remember when I was bought my first Lego. I was really angry because you couldn’t do much at all with Lego: the blocks were limited and you couldn’t change them», says Lorenzo Karavania.

When asked who Lorenzo Karavania is, we could answer that he is a brilliant, nice guy, born in 1996, who bought his first soldering iron at the age of 7 in a shop in Ciampino so that he could create an audio amplifying circuit that, however, blew up.

From that moment, I invented the three times rule: «after everything blows up the third time, leave it alone».

He has never liked rules. He pleaded with his parents to give him the garage; that is where he has studied his projects since he was 12, forcing his parents to park their car outside.

At 18 years old, he started his own 3D printer company. But Lorenzo Karavania is anything but the genius bent over his books, spending all day studying: «I have never studied much. I admired the American model of learning by doing».

He designed all by himself the 3D printed Robot that can learn, recognise objects and map environments. He presented an early version, which was perfected over time, at his high school leaving exam. He began by retrieving a broken printer and taking out the motor, then writing the operating system.

On the morning of his high school leaving exam, Lorenzo presented the commission with a project that allowed him to have an exact position for the robot at the point where the photo of the room was taken.

«To have a 3D model of an object – he explains – you must have a 360-degree photo and the angulation from which the photo was taken». This is how the Robot was created.

Now Lorenzo is working on a new project with which he is trying to realise the dream he has had since he was a child: having a house completely controlled by robots.

He has decided to begin with a bulb, that can now recognise the voice that sends it the turn on/off signal.

The story has been written by Giorgio Ghiotti, writer.