Letture d'Estate

Letture d'Estate
Letture d'Estate
Along the river and among the trees
Letture d'Estate
Letture d'Estate | Along the river and among the trees

The highly anticipated Summer Readings are back, one of the most long-lived events of the Roman Summer, which over the years have enchanted adults and children. Readings of Summer is a project of the Italian Federation Invitation to Reading for the promotion of books and reading in the heart of Rome.

Programming is the result of a multi-skilled work. In addition to the presentations chosen in these early days, you will find musical events organized by the Aida Academy, the address book of the Librerie di Roma, the initiatives for children of Ottimomassimo, the games organized by the Tana dei Goblins.

Starting from June 22nd there will be readings and workshops for girls and children on the exhibition "Let me understand", dedicated to the representation of bodies and sexuality, emotional and affective education in the illustrated books 0-18 years. From 21 June to 3 July it will be possible to visit the traveling exhibition which presents a rich international bibliographic selection.

For the "Musical evenings in the gardens of Castel S. Angelo", the polyphonic choir Concorde Ensemble offers us the greatest hits of its Jazz a cappella repertoire directed by the Norwegian singer and songwriter Nina Pedersen.

Do not miss the Subbuteo, great classic of the '70s, with promotion of the rules and free play for all. The event is organized in collaboration with the Subbuteo Club Real Tripolitania of Rome. A beautiful initiative has also been organized for bridge lovers. In fact, the Federbridge Federation staff will make this wonderful sport of mind accessible in a very short space of time!

An appointment not to be missed is the launch of the twenty-fifth edition of the world's most difficult Cross-World Race organized by Ennio Peres. The proposed scheme contains 66 definitions (29 horizontal and 37 vertical), almost all processed in an ambiguous and misleading form (attention: almost all, not all ...), although strictly correct in substance.

The work is also back, with the highlights of the opera Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, which saw the first in Rome in 1890 Mto concertatore Gabriel Chami. The polydiamen amnifestazione can not miss the dance! Here comes the Lindy Hop, the most famous of the Swing dances. This is an African-American dance born in Harlem, New York, during the twenties and thirties. Come and experience the first steps of this fantastic dance and immerse yourself in a world of smiles, energy, music and vintage atmospheres!

These and many other events for adults and children await you until September for unforgettable Roman holidays.