Leggo per Legittima Difesa

Leggo per Legittima Difesa
Leggo per Legittima Difesa
Defend yourself from fear with words
Leggo per Legittima Difesa
Leggo per Legittima Difesa | Defend yourself from fear with words

The book review, born at Quadraro, becomes bigger because it is increasingly necessary to defend itself from fear with words. Speaking of books as if it were not an exceptional fact, but a daily talk, to give people who move between presentations the feeling of being at home, to create a continuity of relationship with the neighborhood and the audience through meetings and workshops that continue along the course of the year, these are the goals that "I read for legitimate defense" pursues since the first edition.

The themes that will be dealt with during these days range from bullying to hatred on social, sport to love for the South, ideas of equality and equity, crime, passing through a sea of ​​books, between novels and essays, under the guide a large group of writers. Not only presentations: in the program there are reading, musical and theatrical performances that come alive with novels, comics, reading in the courtyards and a literary walk, as well as a series of appointments run by the Association Piccoli Maestri, which will bring classic reading in many schools of periphery.

The Festival began in spring, with creative writing workshops in several schools, and these days it launched the literary contest: The Stranger. The power of a word addressed to high school students. This year the locations are three, keeping the idea of ​​privileging the suburbs: start from the Giufà coffee shop, to get to the heart of the festival at Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo and close in the restored spaces and returned to the citizens of ÀP, the Popular Academy of Animafia and Rights.

Each event will then find its place, from the stage of a theater to the heat of a library, and of suburbs on the outskirts, we will try to reach even the citizens who usually do not approach the world of books. We will talk about education and conflict, we will talk about the South and its many facets, with the noir of Danilo Chirico "Chiaroscuro", with "My Land" by Daniele Sanzone, tribute to Pino Daniele, which we will listen to interpreted by Raiz, with the presentation of the film "The War of the Cows", a delicate and poetic picture of a world saved by little boys.

The young will be protagonists, as part of the show will be devoted to the school world, with a meeting at the Giufà library that sees confront Christian Raimo and Mario Filloley; while with Vanessa Roghi and Emiliano Sbaraglia we will address the letter "subversive" by Don Milani and the power of the words. Meetings will be attended by leaders, teachers and students with whom the Associations involved collaborate all year round. There will also be a confrontation on social and hate speech through Matteo Grandi's "Far web", accompanied by "#LORO" show pills, which deals with the hate we often see spilled on the web.

And again the music, with Alessandro Portelli's book on Bruce Springsteen, with the contribution of Tiziana Lo Porto and one of the most representative emerging actors of the Roman panorama, Daniele Parisi. Also rich is the program dedicated to children, with workshops and readings, on Saturday morning from Giufà and the afternoon at Teatro Quarticciolo with the last performance of Claudio Morici with Marco Ceccotti. Two evenings will be dedicated to the theater with "Valli da prendere" by Giovan Bartolo Botta and the lucky "CUORE" by Gioia Salvatori.

The Festival will be closed on Sunday 22nd with a football evening, from the screening of the documentary "Zero to Zero", to the readings from "Tutti romani, tutti romanisti", in a comparison with authors and directors, with guests "Liberi Nantes" , to close with David Donatello's winning documentary "Crazy for football".