The craft shops of Viterbo

The craft shops of Viterbo
The craft shops of Viterbo
Let's discover know the craftsmanship of Viterbo
The craft shops of Viterbo
The craft shops of Viterbo

At about 70 km north of Rome, in a valley bordered on one side by the Cimini Mountains and on the other side of the Maremma plain to the sea, Viterbo is a unique jewel protected by medieval walls made of local stone, where time seems to be arrested. Walking through the streets of this village means walking in history until you get lost in its quaint neighborhoods of the ancient medieval charm.

Our itinerary is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Viterbo, with the discovery of ancient workshops and craftsmen who live there to keep alive their work, the artistic tradition of this city.

St. Pellegrino Area
We start from the oldest and most authentic neighborhood of the city, that of St. Pellegrino. Here, at the 8th Street in S.Pellegrino, you can admire the Ceramics of the Artistic Workshop realized according to the ancient Zaffera technique, the noble blue-colored production, developed between the end of the fourteenth and the middle of the fifteenth century. From here, in the nearby Piazza Cappella, take via San Gemini towards Parco Paradosso and reach via Pianoscarano. We will find the workshop The Mauritius Maurizio Pintus works on the restoration and preservation of antique furniture and wooden art objects.

Piazza del Plebiscito
Let us now go to Piazza del Plebiscito where the social and administrative life of Viterbo takes place. Here, between the Palazzo Comunale, the Palace of the Podestà and the Palace of the Prefecture, we find the Orfeum Laboratory of Damian Preece, which in the Piazza Fontana Grande 7, creates jewelry of Etruscan inspiration.
From here we arrive to Piazza Dante Alighieri to go to the Antica Legatoria Viali, where Maria Lucia Arena continues the family tradition that since 1891 has been dedicated to the art of the bourgeoisie. The shop is also included in the Register of Italian Historical Enterprises.

Porta Fiorentina
We can now reach Porta Fiorentina where in Via Giacomo Matteotti, 64, you can visit the workshop of Danilo Bonucci, goldsmith craftsman who produces fancy and avant-garde jewelery.

Out of town
The last two stages of our route are outside the city of Viterbo: the first one is on the Tuscan Road, at 1,700 km, where we find Marco Ferrovivo Laboratory and Patrizia Rocchetti, who manufactures metal furniture accessories; The second and final stage is at 6.300 km of Strada S.S. Ortana, where we find the Laboratory of Angelo Sambuci, which deals with four generations of stone artwork.

Laboratorio Artistica
L'Ebanista di Maurizio Pintus
Laboratorio Antica Legatoria Viali
Danilo Bonucci
Marco e Patrizia Rocchetti Laboratory
Angelo Sambuci's laboratory