Lanificio 159, the art of combining art

Lanificio 159, the art of combining art
Lanificio 159, the art of combining art
A mix of fun, sustainability, enhancement and sharing
Lanificio 159, the art of combining art
Lanificio 159

There are places that cannot be separated from their history and this is true especially for Lanificio 159, born from the ashes of the former woolen mill Luciani, a 50's textile factory, later abandoned and deserted.

The story of Lanificio 159 is intertwined with the entrepreneurial dream of a group of twentysomethings who, in 2007, began the first set foot on the premises of the former factory. Day after day, they managed to recover and enhance it to what is now the woolen mill, an artistic multipurpose space.

Lanificio 159 is located in the Pietralata district, one of the most popular of Rome, on the River Aniene and the homonymous nature reserve, allowing to enjoy a unique view from the fully glazed terrace.

The 3500 square meters of woolen mill is now a collection of ideas and cultural stimuli open to art, music, entertainment, catering, where live events, a professional dance school, an exhibition space, a co-working space, a restoration workshop, a cafĂ© and an international restaurant harmoniously cohexist until late night.

Lanificio Officina is a creative workshop where arts and crafts, materials and expertise are available. Creative restoration workshops, carpentry, painting classes, photography, music, theater are held with the aim of promoting experiences and skills sharing, in collaboration with master craftsmen, artists and creative people.

Lanificio Cucina is the modern inn, where you can enjoy high-quality food and wine, in a warm and friendly environment arranged with second-hand furniture and restored in-house laboratory.

The terrace, with its 1,000 square meters, in summer, from Tuesday to Sunday, hosts the event FERIA, which is inspired by Spanish barbecue parties, cocktails, live music and DJ sets, popcorn, cotton candy and rides. Climb at sunset and go down at 2am.

Lanificio, with its post-industrial charm, is a real hub, a reference point for sharing initiatives, from books to bicycles and restoration, through eco-sustainable initiatives and private events. What's more imporant is the requalification of spaces and the territory Lanificio has made, generating well-being for the whole community.

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