Street art in the high schools of Rome

Street art in the high schools of Rome
Street art in the high schools of Rome
A path between the projects and the works realized by artists and students together
Street art in the high schools of Rome
Street art in the high schools of Rome

In Rome, for a number of years, there have been many initiatives involving schools with targeted projects aimed at the promotion and diffusion of young people in urban art. Like the project of the Rovescio association, which is targeted at primary and secondary schools with Street Art Touring since 2015, creative workshops and lessons in depth.
In this journey we will discover Street art works realized within these projects and, in some cases, made directly by the students involved.

In High School J.F. Kennedy of Monteverde in Rome, the Rovescio association decided to involve the boys who had participated in tours and workshops in a contest for the creation of sketches for a work to be done on the wall of their school. To realize the work together with them, an exceptional artist: Alice Pasquini, known as AliCé, with its colors and strong communicative style. The work depicts President Kennedy and in the background the panorama of Rome, along with two touching hands, evocative of a symbolic encounter with art.

Uneven Humanism 'is the name of the work of American artist Gaia, one of the most important figures in the contemporary urban art scene that he has realized with the same high school boys. The facade of the High School has turned into a triumph of colorful butterflies, flowers and faces of smiling children, a true hymn to the beauty of diversity.
The project was realized in collaboration with the 999Contemporary association and promoted by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Italia.

The Majorana High School in Spinaceto has taken part in the MURo project - Museum of Urban Art in Rome, promoted by MIUR in collar with the DNA Project. As part of the project, besides participating in meetings, debates and theoretical and practical workshops, students contributed to the creation of a murals on the facade of their institution, together with national and international artists: David "Diavù" Vecchiato, Lucamaleonte and Alessandro Sardella. From the classroom design to execution on the walls, the boys realized the work they designed guided by the DNA Project, derived from the concept of David "Diavù" Vecchiato, the technique of the Lucamaleonte stencil and the scientific-geometric symbolism of Alessandro Sardella. The murals are inspired by life, thought, studies and mystery that revolve around the figure of Ettore Majorana, to which the high school is dedicated.

AliCé's work with the Kennedy high school kids
Gaia's work with Caravaggio high school's kids
Works of Daviù, Lucamaleonte and Sardella with the kids of Majorana High School