On the walls of Rome with Urban Area

On the walls of Rome with Urban Area
On the walls of Rome with Urban Area
A trip to the suburbs of the capital
On the walls of Rome with Urban Area
On the walls of Rome with Urban Area

Enhancing and reactivating the cultural and aggregation spaces through urban art works: this is the goal of "URBAN AREA", a project curated by a.DNA and its artistic director Mirko Pierri, which supports site specific interventions by those artists who with their works promote urban redevelopment. A project born to transmit the pulsations of a culture fed by the low, alive and in continuous search for spaces where to express itself. Urban Area is born and is inserted in spaces where the stability and permanence of groups active in the free dissemination of art, sport and culture, is endangered by speculation or indifference and nonchalance.

Wall and installation work carried out directly on the structures that host them, making available to all a permanent artistic heritage of great importance and free use: all this in contrast to those mechanisms now saturated museum institutions whose only proposal, often, is a sterile art imposed from above.

Urban Area - A Scena aperta 2017 is one of these projects: dedicated to the short film of Spanish animation "Sikame", on the notes of the homonymous song by Lara Bello inspired by the music of the composer Lionel Loueke, the video tells the story of a little girl from the soul of gold, who sees Rome for the first time. The idea stems from the desire to create five walls painted in five Roman villages inspired by the short film, and in each mural, created by the artist El Niño De Las Pinturas and Lucas Carrillo, bring back phrases of as many Roman authors. We have all been or are like Sikame, a child discovering an unknown place that approaches new cultures, habits, people who tell stories of that place. From Ostia to Primavalle, passing through the Quadraro and the Trullo, we arrive up to Villa De Sanctis on this trip next to Sikame.

The first mural, made in Ostia, quotes a phrase by Luca Moretti from the collective Terranullius - Territorio Narrante: "A sign for every dream that has not come true".

We arrive in Primavalle, where Maurizio Mequio, the Poet of Nothingness, explains the district to Sikame: "Sti strilli sò ccanti dorci de 'na mamma che te vole bene. Quelle machine abbruciate sò giochi disgraiti de li più granni, che cercheno fortuna quanno ggià celanno. 'Na chiesetta, 'na sezzione d' er partito, er mercato e io che curro senza paura. Curro su e ggiù pe ccasa mia. Sto grigio cià le storie de li vecchi. Sò che s'arimmocconno le maniche e s'impiastriccionno le mano. Contro tutto e tutti portorno la vita drento la valle che si ce passi l'ami e se chiama Primavalle".

Al Quadraro is Alessandro Pieravanti one of the 5 Roman authors who accompanied Sikame in five hamlets of the capital, telling the neighborhood that welcomed it. Alessandro, voice of Il Muro del Canto, has made himself known and appreciated for his scathing and angry lyrics.

Arrived at the Trullo, we receive the words of Er Pinto, which sound almost like a warning: "[...] remember sweetness not to forget when you will be a woman to keep alive your purest part, your creative vein".

We conclude our trip together with Sikame with Militant A of the Frontal Assaults at Villa De Sanctis, with a mural that symbolizes the work of years and years that was done at Casilino by the school and the former manager Simonetta Salacone, to whom "Averti" on the side he made us fly [...] ".

We have all been or are like Sikame, a girl who traveled a lot before arriving in Rome and who knows her only through stories and history books; only through its hamlets will it discover that the monumental city is just one of the many worlds that make up the eternal city and that its inhabitants are the true story to tell and enlighten.