Street Art in Ostia

Street Art in Ostia
Street Art in Ostia
Art and urban redevelopment
Artwork by Omino71 and Mr. Klevra
Street Art in Ostia
Street Art in Ostia

Ostia has always been the seaside resort of the Romans, a bridge between the city and the sea. Here stories, anecdotes and cultures are intertwined, in the urban art world, from the writing of the '90s to an urban regeneration path that saw the commitment of so many famous artists in Italy. The creative path gives us a city full of artistic ferment, still to be valued and enriched.

Riccardo Martinelli in Dragona
Our route actually begins at the door of Ostia, more precisely in the Dragona district. Here, under the viaduct Zelio Nuttal, street artist Riccarco Martinelli (aka Groove) painted nine gigantographs depicting animals, with its unmistakable style.

Alice Pasquini and Stefano Montesi at the boardwalk
From Dragona along the Via Ostiense we enter Ostia and we are immediately on the Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli. Here at the 186 street number we can admire a unique street art work in the world, a 3D mural! The work, entitled "Under Layers", is the result of the joint work of street artist Alice Pasquini and photographer Stefano Montesi, a photography expert in three dimensions. Wearing the special glasses (available in the nearby Lido Theater and niches close to the mural), the human figures drawn by Alice will seem to hover in the air, almost embedded in a parallel world.

Solo, Bol23, Diamond, ADR, Geometric bang at Mercato Appagliatore
Continuing along the boardwalk for about 2.2 km and turning right onto Via del Sommergibile to arrive near the Appagliatore market of Ostia, via Domenico Baffigo 143. Here the market walls have been colourful and embellished with the works of 10 important streets Artist: Guerrilla SPAM, Mr. THOMS, Solo, Bol23, Diamond, ADR, Nicola Alessandrini, Andy Green Art, Geometric bang and Carlos Atoche.

Omino71 and Mr. Klevra
Along Via Domenico Baffigo, exactly on the walls of the Centro di Formazione Professionale "Pier Paolo Pasolini" in Ostia, we find the mural by Omino71 and Mr Klevra, which painted the face of Pier Paolo Pasolini, half with the drawing of Klevra, the other one designed by Omino 71, with the features of the masked paladin. In the background a plot of colorful letters that reproduces the famous phrase of Pasolini "Who is scandalized is always banal". 

Nicola Velato
We close our path with another work dedicated to Pasolini, this time painted by Velato, who has always been amazed by the peculiarity of his realistic black and white stretch. This time, in via Marino Fasan next to the School "R. Guttuso", Velato regives - through the drawing - one of the possible versions of Pasolini's assassination.

Artwork by Groove
Opera di Alice Pasquini e Stefano Montesi
Artwork by Solo e Diamond
Opera di Omino71 e Mr. Klevra
Opera di Nicola Velato