Sculpture that shakes the soul

Sculpture that shakes the soul
Sculpture that shakes the soul
What is art? A physical need your hands can mold
Sculpture that shakes the soul
Sculpture that shakes the soul

"I think it's the body telling us what to do in life. Listening to it means to understand what we are prepared for".  Davide Dormino, eclectic artist with an international curriculum from Viterbo, greets us with these words. He is an underground sculptor, who is not afraid to express his thoughts. He is not afraid to stand up from the 'chair' on which many lay because of the lack of courage to rebel against the wrong system, in which we are increasingly mainstreamed. Basically what is sculpture if not a movement, a continuously changing thought that the most skilled hands are able to mold?

How did your passion for sculpture started?
I believe it is the body telling us what to do in life. If we are able to listen to it then we understand what we are prepared for. To me, sculpture was just a physical need rather than mental. Speed, movement, have always fascinated me and this form of art gives the opportunity to move, to walk. Because you have to walk around the sculpture, move away and then again approaching it.

Has the body then prevailed on your mind when you choose your professional life?
Yes, the body has always driven me. Hands naturally nourish a thought, then when you sculpture there is a bridge between heart, head and stomach, as a place of feeling.

What are the materials you use most in your work?
Bronze, marble and iron, the material par excellence linked to sculpture. Three nouns I use in my artistic 'language' and with whom I love to express myself in my work.

 Can you do this job today in Italy?
I think you can do everything in life. This work can be done, the difference lies in what we have to say. Many people have interesting things to say, but then they do not find the appropriate way to translate this thought and make it visible to others. The artwork has indeed a sense when it is shared within the community and you do something that makes sense for others. That's why I am a lover of a certain type of public art, and this is also the reason that pushed me to create the artwork "Anything to say?".

This work is selling well all over Europe ...
My artwork is a traveling monument in the streets because it is meant for everyone especially for its artistic, philosophical and political message. It is the manifesto of my thought. Everything I've done in previous years has led me to create "Anything to say?". The work starts with the intention of reminding everyone how important it is to know, to be informed of what is happening: only knowing how things really are gives us the opportunity to choose a side. The sculpture actually celebrates a simple gesture, standing on a chair, but hides an important message; the chair is an object of everyday use that makes us feel comfortable but the point is this: when we are too comfortable, we have difficulty to evolve. It is the act of getting up, to change our point of view. It is certainly scary at first, but the secret lies in leaving our comfort zone.

How has this message been translated in your work?
I chose three people who represent three contemporary heroes: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Even if controversial, they had the ability to challenge the system and eradicate the mechanisms. For this they are paying a very high price. The fourth chair is empty and is for us; it is an invitation to finally become responsible for our choices.

How did you manage to bring your work outside Italy to bring your message around Europe?
The real question is how I managed to bring it to Italy, as I left from abroad. I am happy that now "Anything to say?" was chosen as a symbol for the 2016 edition of the Perugia Journalism Festival. Asking to your question, thanks to the idea of ​​a friend journalist, Charles Glass, a series of illuminated figures, patrons and donors who have helped me, I managed to create this very expensive work, leaving approximately one year ago from Berlin, in the historic Alexanderplatz, and then flying in other 7-8 European countries.

What is the "Anything to say “ key for success?
Its clarity: people understand it right away, and very timely.

What is the work that represents you the most so far?
With my work I try to put people in touch. I consider my work a bit 'as the vectors that connect a plus to a minus, reality and different problems. To name a few I can say I am very close to "Lontanodentro" or "Poltergeist", a row of Roman nails welded one above the other, and “Scala reale" presented at the MAAM. A staircase destroyed that I covered with iron with 33 steps, an extraordinary symbolic number. And I numbered them with the idea that kids who were going up or down could learn to count them. A symbolic work because the staircase is also ascent or descent. 

Any future project?
I'm working on a very interesting exhibition to be held in France, in Burgundy, in an abandoned panoptic prison: the architecture of these environments arises from the consideration of corporal punishment as a form of control of prisoners' minds. In that case I will call a number of artists to work on the theme of freedom, the favourite concept of those who make my job.

Lo trovi qui: Viale Filarete, 30 - 00176 Rome
Lo trovi qui: Viale Filarete, 30 - 00176 Rome