Introducing "IO LEGGO" 2016

Introducing "IO LEGGO" 2016
A contribution of 600,000 euros to promote reading in Lazio
Introducing "IO LEGGO" 2016 | A contribution of 600,000 euros to promote reading in Lazio

Even this year the Lazio Region supports activities and initiatives aimed at promoting book reading in the region with the notice IO LEGGO.

600 thousand euros will be allocated for 2016/2017. The selected projects will be funded for a maximum of 20 thousand euros each.

The announcement, available on the website of the Lazio Region, will be open until 29 August 2016.

Recipients of the initiative

The initiative is addressed to small and medium sized companies of the productive chain of the book, also grouped in consortia, municipalities of Lazio, associations and cultural foundations that carry out regular promotion of books and reading activities, educational institutions, publicly or officially recognized, provided in cooperation with at least one of the subjects mentioned above.

"Rewarding, supporting and financing all the organizations that promote reading is a top priority for us - says Lidia Ravera, Councillor for Culture and Youth Policy. With the first edition of IO LEGGO and 300 thousand euro of funding, the Region has supported 31 projects promoting books and reading, especially in highly socially critical areas. In these three years we have re-launched the publishing sector refinancing the regional law on books, reading and publishing SMEs. We will be committed in this direction during 2016. "

Types of intervention

Projects including the following types of interventions will be financed:

- Projects promoting books and reading areas involving highly socially critical areas, paying special attention to young people, the elderly and encouraging the culture of integration;

- Projects promoting books and reading involving the creation, use and distribution of applications and information technology products;

- Educational projects for writing and reading;

- Projects aimed at producing literary tours in the region.

Lazio for reading!