Spring in Cinecittà

Spring in Cinecittà
Spring in Cinecittà
Exceptional admissions for four weekends
Spring in Cinecittà
Spring in Cinecittà | Exceptional admissions for four weekends

For four spring weekends, and for the holidays of April 25 and May 1, visitors who purchase the ticket of Cinecittà si Mostra, which includes large outdoor sets and permanent exhibitions (Why Cinecittà, Girando a Cinecittà and Backstage .

An educational path for Cinecittà) will have one more opportunity: to discover the places where cinema comes to life. In the company of qualified guides, guests will visit a different location for each weekend.

On April 28th and 29th the Carpentry will open where, thanks to the meeting with an expert master craftsman, it will be possible to enter the carpentry shop and understand the work behind the realization of a scenography.

And for the Liberation Day and the Workers' Day the appointment is with the Family Special Tours, which will see itineraries and ad hoc workshops designed for adults and children with many activities in which to try their hand.

Scheduled for April 25, a journey focused on the mysterious sculpture of the Venusia by Federico Fellini (built for his Casanova) protagonist of a fantastic story between reality and fiction.

On April 29, a workshop is planned to learn about the background of film fiction and engage in the design of a set design. The materials of fiction, the different environments of film genres will be the starting point for designing small "pocket sets".

On May 1st the sets will be animated by a special tour whose main ingredients will be stories, secrets, film anecdotes and workshop activities.